all that glitters

I forgot to show you what Deborah Lippman’s “Glitter in the Air” looks like on! Excuse this poor quality photobooth photo that fails to do the polish justice. For the first time wearing it, I chose to don it on its own as opposed to layering it over a baby blue or pink. Achieving the nails seen above took about four of five coats. As you can tell, it doesn’t dry thick. In fact, if I could use any word to describe this polish, it would be “milky.” And I do mean that in the very best possible way. Lippman has created a polish so dreamy and so girly that it manages to make us feel six again, complete with a slice of birthday cake glitter and a glass of milk on our hands.


nails today, gone tomorrow

So I got my O.P.I Axxium manicure off at Tips Nail Bar the other day. The overall Axxium experience was great. After about two weeks my nails had grown out to the point where I had to go get the polish taken off, but I’m happy to say that I didn’t experience any chips during those two weeks. I was also happy to learn that my nails had grown longer and stronger during that time as well (mainly because I wasn’t able to pick and chew at them as I tend to do).

After the Axxium was removed, I opted to get a natural manicure as seen above. I’m wearing Chanel’s “Riva” as a base with O.P.I.’s crackle polish on top. This was my first time doing crackle, and I’m still not sure if I’d wear it again, but I must say my nails have never looked more fun.

happy Jays day!

Today my beloved boys in blue return to the Dome and I’m feeling giddy like a kid on Christmas. These outbursts of excitement seem to occur less and less as I get older, but today, today I feel so much.

I also went with Marla to Tips Nail Bar last night. We both got our first O.P.I. Axxium manicures, and boy was it quick and painless. I always seem to smudge my polish within hours of leaving the salon, but O.P.I Axxium is a gel applied to your nails that dries instantly underneath this heat light. I chose O.P.I.’s “San Tan Tonio” as my base with black half moons. The effect is gorgeous and chic and somehow resembles Sass and Piper.

I fell in love with this Deborah Lippman colour after reading about it on Lacquer Wear. It’s called “Glitter in the Air” and perfect for spring. The milky almost sheer base of the colour mixed with the pink and blue sparkles reminds me of an easter cupcake. Whimsical and girly, it is just right for the sunshine waiting in the days ahead. Deborah Lippman polishes are unfortunately only sold at Nordstrom’s in the States, but lucky for me, Karas is coming back to Canada for a visit next month. She was a dear and picked up a bottle of “Glitter in the Air” for me yesterday. So April, hurry up and get here already! I want to see my friend and wear easter on my nails!