i should be doing the dishes right now

I should be doing the dishes right now (how domestic of me), but I have some questions floating around and a desire to write them into words first (!). I am now less than four months away from turning twenty-six, and if I ever thought twenty-five sounded scary, twenty-six is a whole new ballgame. At twenty-six you are officially grown up. You are definitely, no doubt about it, in your mid-twenties and fast on your way to entering your late-twenties. You have been out of school long enough to finally forget what MLA style ever was. You start shopping at stores like J. Crew and leaving Forever 21 behind. You have a real job and and so at night when it starts raining so hard outside, the idea of staying in on a Wednesday with your two favourite cats seems like maybe the most perfect idea there is.

But with being almost twenty-six, I also realize there’s a lot that’s changed in my life in the past couple of years, and I don’t yet know if these changes are good or bad.

1. Friends
When I first moved to the city, I almost always had plans with a different friend each day, and some days I even had two or three different plans with two or three different friends. I probably text, let alone even see, about half those friends these days. However, that is not to say I’ve become a hermit cat lady (although my Facebook may suggest otherwise). Sure, I may go out less because I now love my home and my cats and Aaron and sometimes there’s really nowhere else I’d rather be. But also, when I do go out, I do so because I want to and not because I think I should. My friendships with both newish and older friends have also strengthened. And that is not to say that I don’t miss or think of those friends I no longer see, but those friends hardly contact me either, so maybe we’re all just growing up and going out less to be seen these days.

2. Find time for walks
Before work got in the way, I had so much time on my hands that I’d almost always walk everywhere (weather permitting, of course). There was something so great about exploring this city on foot, feeling the sun on my face, running into friends on street corners, all the while listening to my favourite songs on my iPod. However, these days, I hardly have time to walk anywhere. I plan my travels as a way to get from Plan A to Plan B, so there’s hardly any time to stop and wander, let alone listen to a favourite tune while doing so. It may seem silly, but the act of walking without destination is something I so miss doing.

3. Express and Create, OR Do More Than Sit in My Office Chair All Day
I miss taking photos on film and waiting to get said film developed. I miss writing (see last post). I miss writing letters and E-mails to friends. I miss sewing (usually crookedly, but still). Tied to Point #2, I need to find time and ways to be more than just a working robot.

This post doesn’t make all that much sense, but as I said just before this, I think it’s important that I try to write as much as I can. And so that’s what this is.


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