Reading and rereading my words from two summers past, I can remember that girl I used to be. If I keep reading and pressing play on all the right songs, I can almost feel like that girl again. And if I can pretend that I don’t have a grown up job and a grown up house and real life plans and the responsibilities that come with all this, I can even be that girl.  Summer is suddenly new and unknown and exciting and mine again the way it only can be when still in your early twenties and new(ish) to the city. My words were all about the possibilities and lost chances and the what-could-bes and the almost-weres.

I have a tendency to focus on the past and the future and an inability to live content in the present. But listening to these songs on repeat makes me so vividly remember that girl and those feelings I once had that there must be a way to bring her and them into the present. There is so much left of summer that it can still be mine again. I want to get lost in this heat and wake the girl I used to be.


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